why cant i run from you

why cant i run from you/ even in my dreams you’re faster than me/ you’re always there waiting/ i haven’t seen you in what feels like years but is really just a couple of elongated months stretched out by the sun and moon like rubber hands/ ive been waiting for time to do its thing […]

god is human too

and who is praying for god on his bad days?/ on days when he’s restless & losing his grip because it feels like everyone in the world is calling his name asking for an answer/ so next time your hands meet & your eyes close at your bedside send a prayer pray for him too/ […]


  and i know deaths hands are the coldest on quiet nights/ and i know the hands are soon coming/ so tonight i tell you all your favorite jokes/ in attempt to have your laughter touch the ceiling/ so you may never know what the hands are like/

summer k(n)ights in the hood

troubled youth pass the summer nights by playing ding-dong ditch on deaths door/ until one day its opens & a boy is turned into just a body/ death makes those summer nights feel not so warm/ the pigeons are too scared to fly now/ who can blame them/ summer is over and the boy is […]

walking home w/ you after our first date

i watched you turn the street lights into stars just by dancing under them/ you made the sidewalk your stage/ & me, your audience in awe, already eager for the next performance/ i know you’re the biggest star this concrete stage has ever had/ and i know typically i cant see the stars anymore once […]

remembering the funeral (burial)

ive never seen the ground like that/ it had a face & teeth/ eager to swallow the pine box that surrounded your body/ you didnt fight it/ you couldn’t/ its mouth wide and rectangular shaped/ sizing you up in front of everyone/ in one motion you were gone/ you know belonged to the earth/ its […]