i have this obsession w/ escape/ running away/ always from the darkness/ i want to leave before things lose their light/ my father told i should stop running/ to weather the storm, stay in the darkness for a bit/ he says it’ll make me “tough”/ but i never desired to be tough, just alive/ Advertisements

puppy love

and i know this is just puppy love/ because our bodies have become acquainted w/ each other before our minds have/ we roll around in my sheets till we cant breathe/ only occasionally coming up for air/ our hands carve & hold our favorite parts of each other/ we’ve become eros’s favorite statue/ sometimes we […]

house fires

and i know our last loves have been house fires/ watching everything we called home burn/ and i know we’ve lost more than we’ve gained from the ashes/ but we’ve always been able to pick ourselves out the fire to try again/

i had her

i had her/ i had her like summer had heat/ i had her like autumn claimed falling leaves/ i had her like winter had ice/ i had her like the spring had love/ i had her like the earth had seasons/ i had her and she was mine/

prayers 4 you / k

and some nights i talk to god with your name on my tongue/ i pray he loves you as much as i do so he can bless you w/ all the things your soul has craved in the night

life is war / inspired from tumblr

i wish i met you before they convinced you life is war/ before they told you love was a bullet you had to dodge to stay sane/ before they showed you our homes can be battlefields for wars we didnt ask for/ before they turned civilians to soldiers/ before the media told you what to […]


and in my head after the day is done & my head meets my pillow for the first time again/ she becomes like the moon/ here every night/ i cant run from her/